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This community is for fiction by shaggydogstail. Some of my stories have been posted directly to this community, some have been reposted here after being posted elsewhere, and a few are linked from here to other places. If I've written it, you should be able to find it here.

I have written fanfiction for Doctor Who, Torchwood, and Harry Potter, and a number of one-off pieces for a variety of other fandoms, including Supernatural, H2G2, Blackadder, and others. My work includes slash, femmeslash, het, and gen, of all ratings. Ratings and, when appropriate, warnings will be posted for all entries - please read and consider these before deciding whether or not to click on the cut-tag.

Fiction that has been posted on my journal is currently locked, but should (hopefully) be easy enough to find here using the tags system. If you can't find a story of mine, please feel free to drop me a pm and I'll be happy to locate it for you.